The Health Risks of Cigar Smoking

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We have all heard of health risks associated with smoking cigarettes, but what are the risks of cigar smoking? Are health risks of smoking cigars just as dangerous, or more so? According to the National Cancer Instituted, regular cigar smoking can result in a major health menace. Scientific research has relation cigar smoking with cancers of the larynx, lungs, esophagus, and oral cavity. Newer research also indicates that cigar smoking is a possibility strongly linked to the development of cancer in the pancreas. Physicians likewise caution that individuals who regularly inhale while enjoying a cigar are too at greater peril of developing lung disease and feel problems.
The health threats of cigar smoking appear to increase dramatically in the person who inhaled regularly and inhale while smoking. Someone who inhales three to four cigars every day will kill him or herself at eight days health risks of developing some oral cancer than a nonsmoker. Regrettably, we do not yet know the health risks of smoking the occasional cigar. It seems clear nonetheless that smoking cigars on a daily basis can constitute serious health risks.

Many men wonder if cigars are as addictive as cigarettes. Many wonders why, for example, so many parties become addicted to cigarettes, and not cigars? The truism is that any tobacco concoction can become addictive because it contains nicotine. Witness the effects of smokeless tobacco makes on men. These makes, such as munching tobacco, can become very addictive, simply because they contain tobacco, which in turn contains nicotine. Many cigar smokers do not inhale passionately, thus causing the nicotine to be inhaled superficially. Cigarette smokers tend to inhale, making the nicotine to be absorbed faster and more quickly by the lungs. Although most cigar smokers inhale nicotine more lightly, it is still possible to become addicted if the subscribers smoke cigars on a regular basis.

If nicotine is so addictive, why don’t more cigar smokers inhaled more often? It appears that more parties shun becoming’ fastened’ on cigars for various reasons. The most obvious ground is that the nicotine is breath much more superficially than in regular cigarette smoking, justification less nicotine to be absorbed by the body. Moreover, cigars are not as quickly accessible as cigarettes. They’re viewed by most as a luxury part, saved for special opportunities and used infrequently. Nonetheless, when cigars are smoked on a regular basis, they can become addictive. The health risks of any smoking multiplication dramatically as the frequency of use increases.

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